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Gold Standard Nutrition is a private practice specialising in Sports Nutrition and Chronic Disease Management. Our clinics are located around the Newcastle area in NSW, Australia

We offer a variety of services aimed at delivering quality education and advice, based on best practice guidelines, to help YOU manage your condition and achieve YOUR goals through proper nutrition.

Founded by Mark Leary in 2014, Gold Standard Nutrition is now one of the leaders in Sports Nutrition and Chronic Disease Management. 

Dietitians are University Qualified health professionals accredited with the Dietitians Association of Australia and have a love and passion for all things nutrition.

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Dr Mark Leary

Dietitian, Nutritionist & Owner



As well as being an Accredited Practising Dietitian and Accredited Nutritionist, Mark also specialises in Sports Nutrition and is an Accredited Sports Dietitian.

Mark holds degrees in both Nutrition & Dietetics from Newcastle University and Sport & Exercise Science from the University of the Sunshine Coast. His background in exercise science coupled with his knowledge and skills as a dietitian, allows him to truly understand the importance of both nutrition and physical activity in achieving positive and long lasting health results.

Mark has recently completed his PhD at the University of Newcastle looking at Dietitian-led intervention strategies to help people with addictive eating behaviours. He is passionate about helping people with a history of disordered eating and mental ill health improve their diet quality and eating behaviours.

our mission

"To educate about diet and health in easy to understand messages that help you achieve the best possible health outcomes."